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NERD SWEAT’s (Søren Andreasen) gameboy performances consist of unreleased tuneful compositions and smashing beats – always with a great amount of improvisation, thus not restraining itself to classical ways of composing chiptune music. All sounds come exclusively from classic gameboy consoles with a minimum of extra added stuff, in order to stay as true to the raw sound of the devices as possible.

Booking: mail [at] sorenandreasen [dot] com / +45 26 79 67 91

HCØ Hus Søren Andreasen Gameboy HCØ hus Søren Andreasen Gameboy Live

Søren Andreasen - Gameboy live - prøverommet

Previous shows:

January 24th 2015 // HCØ Huc (mikrodisko) // Copenhagen, Denmark
May 14th 2014 // Kunstakademiet i Bergen // Bergen, Norway
December 7th 2013 // Nørrebro Teater // Copenhagen, Denmark
November 18th 2013 // Østre // Bergen, Norway
August 30 2013 // Basement // Copenhagen, Denmark

photo by Thor Møller


Said about the performances:
“Thank you for letting me be on drugs without being on drugs”