Handbuild a 12 note tongue drum

Tongue Drum

Speak for TV2

Sound design and -editing on a film spot by Meeto Kronborg

Electronics-, programming- and sound technician on a 13,5 * 2,5m wall (in 11 pieces) – Line Hvoslef

Lydlandskab Søren Andreasen

Arduino workshop – Bergen Center for Electronic Arts

workshop at bek

2 12-button sample players with SD card and lights – John Hegre

sample players søren andreasen

Release of own album, Barefoot Memories – Unn Records

barefoot memories søren andreasen

D.O.R.T.H.E (installation) – Sonic College

d.o.r.t.h.e søren andreasen

Ehealth monitoring program – Sonic College

ehealth søren andreasen arduino